Jessica Fiorini's Portfolio

Studio XFINITY Fun

Self-directed and docent-lead activities featured at the Comcast flagship store. Experience features up to 15-person multiplayer games played on tablets and a large central screen. The activities and games created awareness of Comcast's massive digital content library and remain totally entertaining. The toughest aspect of the design was how the games and activities fit in to the overall experience. It was necessary to allow for both active and passive customer engagement, thus the need for apps that were both facilitated and self-directed. We found that the apps were exciting and interesting not just to the customers and the stakeholders but also to the store staff. This project received a great deal of positive feedback.

  • Site Specific Installation
  • Cross-Platform
  • Created in collaboration with ESI Design and Comcast
  • Concept Design, Client Presentation, RFP administrator, Producer